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Marijan Mustac
golf. coaching.
Marijan is truly a golf “nerd”, as a member of the German PGA he has evolved his instruction with the shifting world of information and technology that keeps him on the cutting edge of golf instruction. 
Incorporating science and experimentation, coupled with the wisdom and guidance he has developed over the past 10 - years  studying and learning from a long list of world class coaches.

He believes in imparting maximum functionality in technical and skill development imparting a holistic approach to game improvement. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the game instantly flows in his delivery to his students imparting wisdom well beyond his years.

Marijan delivers a structured approach to learning and player development including the formation of very clean technical movement patterns. Combined with sustainable skill development in all areas of the game and performance practice, this forms the key principles of his coaching philosophy.
- Arnold Palmer
Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated;
it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect.
It is at the same time rewarding and maddening -
it is without a doubt the greatest game
mankind has ever invented.



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what my lessons are about

My teachings always strive to maximum functionality and are characterized by a well tuned coordination between the production of technically very clean movement patterns and skill development in all areas of the game.

I combine an extensive fundus of theoretical knowledge with the use of different modern analysis systems to help you control the white demon physically and mentally more often.

--- Marijan Mustac


find me here

Stuttgarter Golf-Club
Solitude e.V.

71297 Mönsheim

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